“The Dark Side of Pink” is my personal exploration of the journey through the transformations of my body as I navigate the inevitable changes of aging. While I know that menopause typically begins around age 51, I’ve experienced symptoms much earlier than expected.

The fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone during perimenopause have led to various symptoms affecting my physical, emotional, cognitive, and mental health. Unfortunately, many physicians seem uncomfortable discussing menopause, which has resulted in misdiagnoses and inadequate treatment for me and countless other women.

However, beyond the physical and mental shifts, my project also delves into the narrative of camaraderie, encouragement, and the extraordinary bond shared by a group of women from the Red Hat Society. They playfully refer to me as “Pinky, ” acknowledging that I’m not yet fifty, which is granting me the liberty to wear a pink hat and lavender ensembles.

Our monthly get-togethers revolve around pocket-friendly lunches, swapping dazzling accessories, and joyfully singing tunes in celebration of birthdays. Within this circle, everyone is well-acquainted with the toll that aging takes. As I grapple with bouts of anxiety and panic attacks, my friends from the Red Hat Society offer unwavering support, showing me that despite facing illness and loss, they manage to carve out time and summon the strength to celebrate the silliness of life.

This project dives into the intricate facets of my own aging journey, the quest for a renewed sense of self, and the pivotal role of support within the tight-knit community of women.