Lidia Sharapova, born in 1982, is a visual artist and researcher based in Milwaukee. Specializing in documentary and art photography, Lidia explores the complexities of womanhood, delving into themes of identity and intimacy in her work. With a focus on human vulnerability, Lidia captures the nuanced facets of existence, portraying the complexities and layered realities of women’s experience.


2024 | 2023-2024 MARNmentorship Exhibition | MARN ART + CULTURE HUB, Milwaukee, WI

2023 | Anna, Solo exhibition | Museum of Wisconsin Art DTN gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2021 | Queering the Cream City, billboard art exhibition | Milwaukee, WI

2021 | As We Are, Solo exhibition | Bay View Gallery Night, Milwaukee, WI

2020 | Love, and Loss, and Resilience, Group exhibition | SXSE, Molena, GA 

2020 | I Witness, Group exhibition | Warehouse gallery, Milwaukee, WI 

2019 | Street Photography, Solo exhibition | Bay View Gallery Night, Milwaukee

2019| COPA, Group exhibition | Art Bar, Milwaukee, WI 


2021 FRESH EYES talents, powered by GUP Magazine

2021 Portrait Of Humanity by 1854 British Journal of Photography, shortlist

2021  2nd Annual International Portrait/Fashion Exhibition by Analog Film Photography Association


January 2023 “From Personal to Political: Developing a Photography Project”, Photomidwest, Madison, WI

January 2021 “COPA Spotlight”, Milwaukee, WI

March 2019 “These Milwaukee Streets” with Olympus, Milwaukee, WI 


2019 — 2021 School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc, St.Petersburg, Russia 

October 2013 “The Eddie Adams Workshop XXVI”, Jeffersonville, New York. 

2012 — 2013 “Photojournalism” by Sergey Maximishin. School of visual arts, Moscow, Russia. 

1999 — 2004 M.S. Industrial & Civil Engineering, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow, Russia. 

Lidia Sharapova an artist working with photography in Milwaukee.